Biography  Stanley Walsh 1938 – 2008.

Stanley began a celebrated show business career in England as an actor. He toured South Africa in “A Taste of Honey”, “Salad Days” and “A Streetcar Named Desire.” He appeared on London television in “Emergency – Ward 10”, “Z Cars“ and “Coronation Street.” When he moved to Australia in 1964 he appeared in “Homicide” “Skippy” and a succession of other TV programmes.

In 1970 he became director at the Music Hall Theatre Restaurant in Neutral Bay. The converted cinema was decorated with copious red plush and a foyer crammed with Victorian bric-a-brac. It seated 500 at tables.

Stanley WalshFor ten years Stanley wrote and directed a series of hugely successful melodramas. “The Trials of Hilary Pouncefortt,” set in Sydney in 1850, “Exposed to Danger”, “The Spring Heeled Terror of Stephney Green”, “Sold in Marriage”, ”The Spectre of Wycombe Manor”, “The Beast of Belgrave Square” and “Lost to the Devil”.

Each held records, at the time, for the longest-running show in Sydney. He launched the careers of many much-loved Australian actors. When the theatre closed due to a dispute over fire regulations Stanley moved into television production.

Stanley produced “Butterfly Island”, a co-production with Channel 7 and CBN USA, which won awards for Children’s Drama, “The Body Business”, “Skin Deep” and “Kings”. He worked as a script editor on “Mission Impossible” for Paramount. He was producer for “Mission Top Secret – Two”, an international co-production, as well as producing series such as “The Flying Doctors” and “The Other Side of Paradise”.

From 1994 to 2002 Stanley was Executive Producer of the enormously successful soap opera “Neighbours.”

In a career that included acting, writing, directing and producing for film, theatre and television, Stanley received several awards and was responsible for many, many more. He believed in the supremacy of the handshake over the contract and in lunch as a form of negotiation.

He was a gentleman. He is survived by his widow Sherri and daughter Stephanie.